Good addresses in New York #10

Hello ya, little koala

The retrospective of the month will be short (but intense!) officially because I left New York for a few days, unofficially because I was way too lazy to look for new places, so I spent most of the month lying on my couch eating watermelon. So, short but really good! You wanna know where to eat (well) in New York? Follow me, c’est par ici!

The newbies: 

Sarabeth’s: is a famous brunch place in New York, but I had lunch there, during the Restaurant Week. The food was great, and the offer appetizer/entrée/ dessert for $25 is a great deal (since it’s an expensive place!) The service was a little bit disorganized, the waiter gave us the check before the desserts and then came back twice to ask us what we ordered. But apart from that, it was nice! Conclusion: Greeeeeat food, but usually expensive!IMG_20150723_125717

Sarabeth’s Park Avenue South
381 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
(+ 2 autres adresses à NY)

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♥ The Fourth was my second (and last, silly me!) lunch during Restaurant Week. The food is excellent, the service is great and, again, it’s a very good deal during RW! Furthermore, they have a ceiling installation made of bed frames and the bathroom are as big as my apartment! Conclusion: I fell in love twice, this month: The Fourth was the first time! (And not only because I liked their bathrooms, also because to salmon was crazily good!)IMG_20150806_131230

The Fourth at Union Square
Hyatt Hotel
132 4th Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Food filledfilledfilledfilled Place filledfilledfilledfilled Price filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledemptyempty

5 Napkin Burger: Everything was excellent except…. The burger! Have you ever eaten something in which everything was good, but without the “wow”? Because it was that: the bread is good, the beets patty is so original, and the sauce is great but… nothing happens! And it’s kind of sad, since their lemonades are awesome and I would have loved eating those fries for a couple more days! Plus, the deco is nice and so was the service. Conclusion: I will go back, but I think I will try the tacos! 🙂IMG_20150822_132024

5 Napkin Buger
150 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003
(et plusieurs autres adresses à New York)

Food filledfilledemptyempty Placefilledfilledfilledfilled Price filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledemptyempty

♥ Rôti, is a restaurant chain “build-your-own” (that I am sure you know by now, since I have gone on and on about it for months!). The food is Mediterranean (can I say “Lebanese”?) and it’s absolutely delicious! That’s the kind of place where you can eat a delicious meal, fast and for almost nothing! Unfortunately, they are currently only open for lunch! Conclusion: I fell in love with them, for the second time of the month! Try the falafels!!IMG_20150828_150107

Rôti mediterranean Grill
142 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017
(+ 1 autre adresse à NY et un tas aux US)

Food filledfilledfilledfilled Place filledfilledfilledempty Price filledfilledfilledfilled VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

The “home delivery” :

Oaxaca mexican Too few veggie choices, but large plates. Nothing exceptional: I don’t even remember what I had! Conclusion: Meh, I prefer Chipotle!

Oaxaca grill
245 Park Avenue
NY 10167 (other locations available in NY)

Food filledfilledemptyempty Delivery filledfilledfilledfilled Price filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledemptyemptyempty

Dong Chun Hong : for my first Korean meal ever, I tried the sautéed vegetables in a beans sauce. Good, but not that great, although I am pretty sure it was the restaurant and not the Korean cuisine itself! Do you know any good place where I can go to try it again? Conclusion: Meh!

Dong Chun Hong
312 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Food filledfilledemptyempty Delivery filledfilledfilledfilled Price filledemptyemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledemptyempty


The classics :

♥ Eileens Special Cheesecake: You gonna say that I ramble (and you’ll not be wrong at all), but those cheesecakes are the best! And I know what I am talking about!IMG_20150720_155620

Bars & Rooftops :

Gallow Green: Unexpectedly green for New York, this rooftop bar is a little piece of gem! The cocktails are great and (but?) quite unusual, you won’t find a mojito here! And it’s really expensive! I heard that you can also eat there, but when we saw the queue, we just backed up! My only regret is the lack of view. For everything else, it’s a ten.



Gallow Green
at the McKittrick Hotel
542 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

And as you already know if you follow me on Instagram, I just began my search of the best veggie burger in the City. If you have any advice, a good (or bad!) address, or anything that could help me find it, just tell me 😉

See ya’!

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  1. Bon j’ai comme l’impression que j’ai encore raté la restaurant week moi… Toutes ces adresses sont bien tentantes dis-donc! On se voit quand pour débattre du meilleur burger végétarien de New York? Peut-être que ça vaudrait même le coup de rédiger un post à 4 mains…?

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