Good addresses in New York #12

My little exotic birdie (weird names again, here we go!)

October was kind of eclectic since I discovered places serving food from Italy, Greece, Japan and USA. I will also tell you about a nice place for tea lovers and a great dessert restaurant. But most importantly, I will give you an awesome address, one which is already in my top 10 and ensures you to have a great (great) night! Wanna know where to eat well and where to party in New York? Follow me, c’est par ici:

The newbies: 

♥ Agnanti is a small Greek restaurant in Astoria, Queens. The menu is diversified and food is authentic. Actually, it reminded me of home, it’s the kind of food quality you would eat in Greece. The pasticcio (macaroni gratin with too much of béchamel sauce) was incredibly tasty and they have tyrokeftedes (#obsession). And after the feast meal, you can take a walk around Astoria Park to help you digest. Conclusion: Great address, one of my month’s crushes!

greek place greece ellada new york city

Agnanti Meze
19-06 Ditmars Boulevard
New York, NY 11105

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Teavana is a chain about tea. You can purchase loose tea or enjoy a cup in the “lounge” part of the place if you manage to get a seat between two squatters working on their Macbook! The selection is huge, the teas are delicious and you can eat a few nice pastries as well. On the other hand, the staff is really obnoxious (in French we say “as friendly as a jail door” which is perfect in that precise case!) Conclusion: a great place to discover new tastes but a really bad one for human relationship!

771 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
(Et plusieurs autres adresses à NY)

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I’ve already told you about Izakaya NoMad when I discovered it at lunch but this time, I went back for dinner. The evening menu is completely different and I had a few weird unknown dishes! Japanese food is usually not my favorite (says the girl that learned 6 months ago that Japanese were eating other things than sushi!) but the food was really good, as well as the quality of it. Conclusion: A big yes, both for lunch and dinner! (And the service is nice as well!)
manhattan flatiron restaurant japanese place japonais bon restaurant

Izakaya Nomad
13 W 26th Street
New York, NY 10010

Nourriture filledfilledfilledempty Lieu filledfilledfilledempty Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledempty

I also take you to New Jersey to discover Houlihan’s. Only a few minutes by boat from Manhattan (but a $9 trip, one-way!), this pub/restaurant in Weehawken offers big plates and a large choice. My veggie burger was delicious, and so cheap (less than $12 for lunch!) Conclusion: I will not go to Jersey every day (!) but that’s a nice place to know about. In addition, the view on the West Side is gorgeous!

pub restaurant jersey city weehawken lincoln harbor

1200 Harbor Boulevard
New Jersey, NJ 07086

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♥ Big announcement for all the sweet tooth around here: THE discovery of the month, good food and cheap: Spot Dessert Bar. Big crush for the visual presentation of the pot, with the nice flower in it and huge crush for the yuzu ice cream! A must-go, even if it’s just to discover the concept. Also, the neighborhood (East Village) is awesome and really lively during nights. Conclusion: Thanks Ambre for the great discovery! (And for the SATC fans, the St Marks Comics shop – the one where Carrie meets mama’s boy Wade – is in the same street!)bonnes adresses east village new york manhattan

Spot Dessert Bar
13 St Marks Place
New York, NY 10003

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My love for bagel is not a secret and my life goal is to find THE best bagel in town (I could say I am doing it for YOU, my dear reader, but it would not be 100% sincere, I love bagel too much!) Anyway, I tried the famous New York’s Murray’s Bagel, recently in the middle of a terrible debate about toasting or not toasting (!) (#teamtoasted #idontcareiamnotfromnewyork). I fell in love with their sun-dried tomatoes cream cheese, in an awesome onion bagel! (But check the food they gave you before leaving the place, the lady taking the orders was not really with us that day!)murray bagel new york city usa meilleur bagel

Murray’s Bagels
500 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10011

Food filledfilledfilledempty Price filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledempty

When I do something, I do it well (!) So, I went back to Pick-a-Bagel. Motivated by my awesome dried-tomatoes cream cheese experience, I tried it again. So, the bagel was great (as usual in this place) but stay away from the weird low-fat cream. Stick to the plain or veggie, that’s today’s best advice!bonne adresse meilleur bagel grande pomme new york city toasted or not

1475 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10021
(and a few others in New York)

Food filledfilledfilledempty Price filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledempty

Home deliveries :

♥ Waldy’s Wood is our new address for excellent pizza. I will not lie to you, they are expensive and it takes hours for them to arrive but it’s completely worth it! Fine crust, spicy tomato sauce, fresh basil and awesome cheese: it’s my largest food crush this month!delicieuses meilleures pizzas new york restaurant

Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizaa
800 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Food filledfilledfilledfilled Speed filledfilledemptyempty Price filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

Desi Galli: My Indian food obsession is back, and I had the (absurd) idea of abandoning my lovely Minar to see if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Biggest mistake. The food was really good, but it was ridiculously small. Minar, my heart belongs to you forever!! 

Desi Galli
101 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Food filledfilledfilledempty Speed filledfilledemptyempty Price filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

I promised you great nights, here we go:

The Posh Bar & Lounge is a gay place in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. The ambiance is nice, the music is from the 70-80’s and the shirtless waiters are calling you “babe”, so I really loved this place. But it was nothing compared to the one I am about to tell you about:


Posh Bar & Lounge
405 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019

After the Posh, we stopped at the Flamming Saddles. This, my little friend, is THE place that guarantees you to have a fun fun night. That country music bar (with a jukebox from the future) has hot waiters who dance on the bar… Gentlemen (and Ladies) get ready to feast your eyes and to have fun, this is my night out crush this month!

Flamming Saddles
793 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

That’s it for October. I promised you some good addresses and naked men, I hope you liked it. I am not sure to be able to do as good in November, but I am working on it!

See ya’

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    1. Je ne peux dire que la même chose concernant ta rétrospective du… samedi (ça m’a fait tout drôle, d’ailleurs! #groupie) On en parle, du gâteau pommes et poires?? Et des choux?? 😉

  1. Je viens de découvrir ce blog…juste merci pour les adresses!! On en peut plus de yelp!! Pour ton mois de novembre, je vais essayer “le meilleur burger végétarien” au superiority Burger 430e 9th st.
    Hâte de tes nouvelles découvertes!!

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