Good addresses in New York #14

Hello hello my little burrito!

I got questions about it, you claimed it like crazy, you missed it (or not) here is the true, the only food retrospective about nice places in New York, by Foodetcaetera!

I rather tell you now, this one will be short, since my rhythm was low these past two months. I even skipped the December one (because I had nothing to put in there!)

“What is going on” you ask me with a shaking voice and fear in your eyes (are my expectations too high?) I don’t know sweetie, maybe it’s because of the winter, or maybe because I am broke (hello, New York salaries!) along with the fact that I just sold a kidney to pay the rent of my new place (hello, New York rents!) but I promise, I’ll work on it. And if somebody wants to sponsor me to test restaurants, please reach out!

Enough talking, nice places to eat in New York, follow me, c’est par ici:

♥ And we start with a really good one, which was on my wish list for months: the vegan asian fusion Franchia. In the heart of Midtown, this is a great place to go when visiting something around if you don’t want to end up at TGI Friday (and I can applause the initiative!) The only bad thing about that place: it’s really dark inside. But besides that, this place is a keeper!
avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

12 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled Lieu filledfilledfilledempty Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

♥ In January I also went back to Astoria with my friend Ambre, who proudly lives in the neighborhood. I certainly have a special feeling about the little Greece of New York (just try to picture my hysteric behavior in the supermarket over there!) and this neighborhood is full with nice little places. After Agnanti, of which I already told you about, I tried the Bonnie. The BLT with its melting mozzarella and pesto sauce was incredible and the sauce served with the fries was crazily good!
avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

The Bonnie
29 – 12 23 Avenue
Astoria New York, NY 11105

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And after this light and healthy meal, we headed to Martha’s Bakery for a “little” dessert. Pictures are speaking for themselves, as is my cellulitis right now!
avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

Martha’s Bakery
3621 Ditmars Boulevard
Astoria New York, NY 11105

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled  Lieu filledfilledemptyempty Prix filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

With a new apartment come new delivery habits, so we tried Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza, who prepares nice pizzas (oh, really?) but it was quite expensive and the pies were…. Square! Don’t ask, but the concept of a square pie is bothering me (but I am quite crazy, so this on top doesn’t really surprise me!)

Goodfellas’s Brick Oven Pizza
144 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Nourriture filledfilledfilledempty  Rapidité filledemptyemptyempty Prix filledemptyemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledempty

💔 The little deception of the month was Bangkok 2 Thai (but with such a name, we could have been able to see it coming!) It was good, but expensive and the size of the rice serving was a big big joke! Did you see me? Do you really think I eat like a pigeon?

avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

Bangkok 2 Thai
349 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Nourriture filledemptyemptyempty Rapidité filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledemptyempty

To celebrate great news at work, I went to Eileen’s to pick up a cheesecake. Best. Thing. Ever. No surprises here…
avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

Eileens Special Cheesecake
17 Cleveland Place
New York, NY 10012

Nourriture filledfilledfilledempty Lieu filledemptyemptyempty Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

… and also to Levain Bakery, to get a few chocolate and peanut butter cookies. But it was for a couple of friends visiting, who wanted to try the best cookie ever! (WOW, worst excuse ever!)

Levain Bakery
Upper West Side & East Harlem

I also went back to Teavana (and they were a little bit nicer than last time, good job guys!) because I can’t get enough of their orange blossom tea (for which I will soon need to sell my other kidney… I mean, $70 for a pound of dry grass, are you f*****g kidding me??)

Finally, I discovered Fanelli’s café, in Soho during a business lunch, and it was really good. Comfort food served in a vintage environment, with white and red checked tablecloth and vintage decoration, I did not dare take pictures with my bosses around (I am crazy but not stupid!) but I highly recommend you go try it! During lunchtime, you can also order a bowl of their chili from the window! Cute!

For the little story, the place was a saloon that opened in 1878 in this building built in 1857. Fanelli bought the place in 1922 and during prohibition, it was a speakeasy. Fanelli’s Café is today considered as the second oldest food establishment in the same locale!

Fanelli’s Café
94 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

avis sur déjeuner best place to eat

(Picture found here)

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled Lieu filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledemptyempty

That’s it for today, but I will move my ass for next month!

See ya’!

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  1. A chaque fois que je vois tes adresses NY, j’ai comme une irrésistible envie de prendre le premier avion qui passe et d’être là tout de suite. J’auras commencer par manger un sandwiche chez Bonnie et j’aurais finis pour prendre un dessert chez Marthe ! x

  2. Salut petit tutu, miam toutes ces adresses! J’adore aussi le cheesecake de Eileen mais j’ai un scoop pour toi qui t’évitera une transhumance régulière à SoHo. J’ai découvert hier soir le cheesecake de Veniero’s Pastry, la plus ancienne pâtisserie italienne de New York (oui bon 1894 mais quand même). Une merveille que je te recommande d’urgence. Toute proche de ton nouveau chez toi en plus (11h street entre 1st and 2nd avenue), que demande le peuple 😉 J’étais déjà abonnée à leurs cannolis et biscotti à mourir, mais leur cheesecake… tu m’en donneras des nouvelles!
    Bon et sinon j’ai répondu à tes questions des Liebster Awards! Mes réponses sont en ligne sur mon blog 🙂

  3. Teavana is amazing isn’t it?! I stumbled upon it last year when I was living in Boston and spent $40 in teas and a strainer. The good thing is that Athens have a few places which sell loose leaf teas, so that I can satisfy my”premium tea” needs!

    1. I use to drink “regular tea”, the cheap ones from the grocery stores… But I must admit once you taste that kind of brand, it is so complicated to go back 😉 I would love to visit Athens again with you, with all the good addresses you know, it would be an awesome trip 😉 Filakia,

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