Good addresses in New York #15

As I promised earlier on Instagram, the monthly retrospective is full of “love at first sight” places. After a couple of months hibernating, eating soup and binge watching Gossip Girl, February came togheter with an out of control food frenzy which lead me to a lot of great places. In addition, you’ll find  an awesome tip to eat for free in New York, at the end of the post! Less talk, more action, follow me, c’est par ici!

💔 Let’s start with the only not so good experience this month: Kambi Ramen house. The place is tiny, you have to choose your meal while standing in the 4 square feet hallway and then you’ll wait over there until someone leaves. Which can be quite long. As for the food, the salad was good, but the veggie ramen were ordinary and the chicken ones were actually tasting really bad! By the way, this is cash only, but I would not advise you to eat there.

Kambi Ramen House
351 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003

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♥ A friend of mine recommended me several times to try Chobani and I finally for once in my life listened at something somebody told me to do, and it was a great decision! Located in the heart of SoHo, and if you are not considering the crazy prices which is btw perfectly getting along with the neighborhood, it was a 10! The place itself is beautifully designed, cashiers are nice and the food was WOW! I chose a tapenade and tomato sandwich in a “koulouri” (sesame bread) and a pineapple and coconut Greek yoghurt. YUM!

meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

152 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

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♥ In the everyday life, I always tend to procrastinate. For instance, Artichoke pizza was on my wish list since 2013 but I always had a good excuse not to try it. I finally went for it and, boy, I wonder why I waited so long! I haven’t had such a good pizza for years! Obviously, this has a cost, and it’s kind of expensive, I must admit, but that slice is really worth it! Cash only, and not many spots to seat at the 14th Street location!meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
328 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10012
(Et plusieurs autres adresses à NY)

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♥ I first noticed T-Swirl because of their amazing window display (so next time somebody looks skeptical when I tell him about what I do for a living, I’ll kick some asses!) This tiny tiny food place serves conic crepes filled with various fruits, ice cream and custards, which apparently is a Japanese concept. Good to know. Anyway, this is a good place to try something new but not too weird either. In addition, employees are the nicest and the food is fresh, good and… gluten free. A big YES!meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

T Swirl Crepes
247 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled  Lieu filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

♥ My friend Caroline from the great blog Et Pourquoi pas New York told me about Venerio’s bakery, a little gem hidden in East Village. Not only the place is really pretty, but the pastry displays look incredible! I had a New York cheesecake as well as a chocolate éclair, and both were amazing! This little place went easily and directly into my top!! Thanks Caroline!meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

Venerio’s Bakery
342 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10009

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled  Lieu filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

I also tried the breakfast formula at Crossanteria with her. For less than $10, you get a coffee or a tea, a freshly pressed OJ and 3 little pastries. The place is nice and the pastries are great!

68 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

Nourriture filledfilledfilledempty Lieu filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

You should go to Edi and the Wolf, even if it’s just to take a look at the place. I can’t tell you a lot about the food at this Austrian restaurant because I did not eat there (!) but the place itself is really cool!

Edi and the Wolf
102 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

In February, I had Georgian food at Oda House, which was a first experience for the not too adventurer I am! It’s not going to be my favorite kind of food, but it was a nice discovery. I especially liked the little veggie and nuts spreads, delicious on the Georgian bread. (On the following images, from left to right: Pkhali trio (spreads spinach, leek and walnuts), Khinkali (meat dumplings) & Satsivi (Cooked chicken served cold in a walnut and Georgian spices sauce) with Ghomi (Georgian polenta!)meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

Oda House
76 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

Nourriture filledfilledfilledempty Lieu filledemptyemptyempty Prix filledfilledemptyempty VG friendly filledemptyemptyempty

♥This month, I fell in love in the Upper West Side: its name is Bustan, a nicely designed Mediterranean restaurant. The service was nice, and the food was delicious!! I am still dreaming about the mushrooms, ricotta, asparagus and truffle oil flatbread. As for the falafel pita, it could have fed two people! Not cheap for an everyday lunch, but not to miss if you are in the neighborhood!

meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

487 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled Lieu filledfilledfilledfilled Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

Also, I think I found the best chocolate croissants in the whole area in a bakery which happens to be… French! Le District’s chocolate croissants already saved my mental health at work quite a few times (certain days are more complicated than others). I would have love to give them the best grade I could, but I can’t really, because of their musical choices: even though the French touch is really trendy in New York, you CAN’T play Carla Bruni at 7 am. Actually, you just can’t play Carla Bruni. At all.

meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

Le District @Brookfield Place
225 Brookfield Place
New York, NY 10281

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled  Lieu filledfilledfilledempty Prix filledemptyemptyempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

Finally, here is a nice trick to get free food in New York (yes, some things are free in this crazy City!) Georgetown Cupcake, in SoHo, offers every day 100 cupcakes to whoever ask for them and give them the “magic word”, which is the “cupcake of the day” flavor. You can find out the flavor of the day on their Twitter feed and it’s worth the digging, because these little cupcakes are amazing! Free food? Yes, please!
meilleure pizza insider comme local where to eat like local new yorker

Georgetown Cupcake
111 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012

Nourriture filledfilledfilledfilled Lieu filledfilledfilledempty Prix filledfilledfilledempty VG friendly filledfilledfilledfilled

I hope this “stuff your face” retrospective pleased you! I promised a large choice, I went for it and when I mention “large”, I am not only referring to the size of my ass after this crazy month! I hope next month will be as rich in good places, but less rich in carbs!

See ya’

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  1. et en, même si je suis loin… merci pour la balade !
    ça tombe bien, j’ai plus faim… comme ça je ne suis pas tentée d’aller fouiner dans mes placards à la recherche d’un cookie ou autre cupcake ;D

  2. Hello Amy! Ravie de t’aider à assouvir tes pulsions sucrées 😉 A quand un petit dej au District? Est-ce que tu peux croire que je n’y ai encore jamais mis les pieds?
    Sinon je survalide les pizzas de chez Artichoke, elles sont divines… Tu devrais quand même faire un tour chez Gruppo sur Avenue B et 7 th street (juste à titre comparatif), tu m’en diras des nouvelles…
    Et Edi and the Woolf, tout est délicieux. C’était mon QG pendant la coupe du monde de foot il y a deux ans! Pas donné mais qu’est-ce qui est donné à New York, n’est-ce pas (à part les cupcakes chez Georgetown 😉 A très vite! xo

  3. Rhooo tu m’as fait saliver avec toutes ces photos au moins je prends note car ‘y retourne probablement au mois d’avril mai ! en tout cas les eclairs m’ont l’air delicieux et ces crepes yummyyyy
    grosse bise

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