Good addresses in New York #5

Since I write this blog I finally got an excuse for eating all the time always trying new sorts of food. And when someone tells me “What? Are you eating in a restaurant again?”, I can shamelessly answer “yes, my dear, but I am working, not eating out for the fourth time in a week just for pleasure!”. And then, one day, your wide jean does not fit anymore and you start thinking “oh, crap”. But that’s another story!)

And since I eat faster than I write on the blog, I start today a new category, which will be about all the new places I discovered during the month. And I will write a few separate article about the ones I felt in love with. Follow me:

The newbies:

Tartinery is a restaurant about tartines (no kidding?). Between the 3 NY restaurants, we tried the one in Nolita, and ordered an appetizer and two tartines. Our mozzarella di buffala appetizer was served with 5 flabby cherry tomatoes which were probably there for a few days. When you pay $16 dollars for a dish, you usually expect something better than that. However, the tartines were really good and seasoned perfectly, but I would not have been satiated enough without the appetizer. The boss is nice and French… so exotic for us! Conclusion: positive, but could be better. A little bit expensive for a tartine, even if it was excellent.

209 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012

GRK: A fast food version of Greek food, in Midtown as well as in Lower Manhattan. It’s not “real greek food village style”, but it’s quite similar, and they got a vegetarian version of the gyro, which is kind of a miracle. Everything is good, and the fries are excellent. Conclusion: fast, nice food, good price/quality ratio for a nice quick lunch.3-3-3-2-en

grkdefGRK Fresh Greek
451 Lexington Ave
New York, NY

Indikitch: A “build-your-own” version of Indian dishes. Large choice for the vegetarians as well as for the carnivorous (3 choices for each team) and everything is good. I was not amazed by the tastes, since you can find incredible Indian places all over the city. Conclusion: nice for a quick lunch, but the tastes and the price/quality ratio could be way better.2-2-3-4-en

25 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10010

♥ Izakaya nomad: This little restaurant is situated in Midtown Manhattan, just a few blocks from the Flatiron building. The portions are huge, the food is delicious and the service is really nice. They offer a small choice for the vegetarians, but I bet you will find something you love. Conclusion: great food, huge plates, tiny price. That’s my crush of the month. (Try the red beans ice cream, it’s to die!!)

4-3-4-2-enizakayaIzakaya Nomad
13 W 26th St
New York, NY 10010

The classics: 
(same as here)

And because you never change a winning team, in May, we also ate a great cheesecake from Eileen’s, a “Key lime cupcake” from Crumbs (which was not as good as it used to be. Hope it’s not due to the new management!) as well as a lot a froyos (have you ever tried Orange Leaf?). And when I say “classics” I say Chipotle, king of the “fast-food-build-your-own-organic-GMOfree-tex-mex. It’s a keeper!

The ones I will tell you more about:

Glasserie: By far my best discovery this month. That nice place in Brooklyn offers a generous and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is beautiful and the service is great. I am working on an individual post with a few nice pictures about it!

Bare Burger: This “newbie” is already among my favourites: I’ve found there the best vegetarian burgers I’ve ever had! And since the choice is really huge, I am not going to get bored soon. A post is in preparation about it, stay tuned!

The fairs:

During May, I visited 2 fairs, those food festivals where you can try new food while listening to good music.

Madison Eats: The place in front of the Flatiron building was full with of food for several weeks. Arancini, nachos, mac’n’chesse, it was awesome!

9th avenue Food Festival: Think about a New York Avenue (the ninth in this case) closed on 15 blocks, where you can taste food from almost every country on the planet. Arepas, pierogis, samosas,quesadillas, …. Welcome in heaven! fair

The one I did not like:

A Cher-et-Tendre co-worker told us to try a waffle from “Waffels and Dinges”, and it was not good. Expansive ($6), small, hard and weird-tasting. Not good!

I hope you had fun reading that, and I am getting back eating (but it’s for the blog!)

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