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Bare Burger | New York

IMG_20150521_190901When I arrived in New York for the first time, obviously, I went to Shake Shack. I had seen the name everywhere, had read tons of amazing reviews about them, and all the bloggers were saying it was the best burger ever. So I HAD to try it! (I am so an original person!) Believe me or not, but I did not understand the passion about it. First of all, I had to queue for 30 minutes (!) outside of the restaurant (!!) for a burger and a few French fries. And even if those fries are beautifully cut, it’s the only positive thing about them! Same thing for the burger. By far not the best I had!

So, when I came back two months ago, I began to search for a tasty (vegetarian) burger, which does not cost $22 without the side. (The burger is currently a trend in New York, and the prices are sometimes completely insane.)

And one day, I discovered Bare Burger (try to sing a romantic sound, you’ll fit in the mood). It’s a restaurant chain offering burgers, fries, salads, and a lot of other stuffs. Everything is organic, without pesticide or GMO and the brand is present in 8 locations on New York, in several US cities as well as in Toronto.IMG_20150521_190908They also offer a « build-you-own » burger, from a huge list of ingredients. You will find a great choice for the carnivorous (beef, bison, duck …) and for the vegetarians and vegan as well (and by “great choice, I mean more than 1 choice of veggie burger).
(And last but not least, when you click on the menu on their website, you will find the picture of a chicken full size. I don’t need more to fall in love!)

I became a huge fan, first of all because everything is really tasty, also because they offer a big and uncommon choice for the vegetarian and vegan people. The possibilities are infinite and you can eat vegetarian or vegan with a carnivorous. I also felt madly in love with their onions rings which taste incredible and are served with 4 amazing sauces.

Here are some pictures (which were taken with my phone, sorry for the quality!) and go there at least once! And do not hesitate to debate with me about “what is the best burger in New York”, I am aware that my opinions about Shake Schack will upset some of you guys!

Bon appétit!
fleurs_1Bare Burger
Many location in New York


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