Good addresses in New York #19

The latest good addresses in New York are here. Sushi, vegetarian, vegan, american, you’ll find something you like, for sure!

sushi vegan new york delicieux meatless cruelty free manger vegetalien beyond

❤ Beyond Sushi (sushis vegan)
229 E 14th St
Manhattan (Union Square)
L (3rd Avenue)

Cuisine: Asian / vegan sushis
Pros: the huge menu, the great food
Cons: it’s expensive
VG: vegan restaurant
❤  The spicy mushroom soup, the cauliflower sushis

Clinton Street Bakery
4 Clinton St
Manhattan (Lower East Side)
F (2nd Avenue)

Cuisine: American
Pros: the people are nice
Cons: The pancakes are not as good are they supposedly are!
VG: Some vegetarian, nothing vegan

cafe mogador brunch best new york meilleur ou bruncher manhattan east village
❤ Cafe Mogador
101 St Marks Pl
Manhattan (East Village)
L (1st Avenue)
+ Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Cuisine: Mediterranean, moroccan, brunch
Pros: the food, the place, the terrace in summer
Cons: they don’t take reservations and the place is always crowded for brunch.
VG: Vegetarian options, nothing vegan
❤ The eggs benedict, the french toasts

Standard East Village
Cooper Sq
Manhattan (East Village)
4 6 (Astor Place)

Cuisine: bar / tea room
Pros: The place is nice, they have a pretty terrace during summer
Food is also available

Black Tap
529 Broome St
Manhattan (SoHo)
1 2 (Canal St) – A C E (Spring St)
+ Meatpacking + Midtown

Cuisine: American, milk shakes
Pros: the famous insane milkshakes
Cons: the food is good, but not icredible. The line can be INSANE, like 4 hours long insane!
VG: 1 vegan burger vegan and 1 vegetarian burger,
 The milk shakes are crazy looking and therefore perfectly Instagram-friendly

❤ Gruppo Pizza
98 Avenue B
Manhattan (East Village)
L (1st Avenue) – F (2nd Avenue)

Cuisine: pizza
Pros: the food is incredible
Cons: They are not delivering in my zone! Pies are small and therefore expensive for the size.
VG: Some veggies options, nothing vegan though
 The mushroom pizza, the buffala pizza… I mean all the pizzas are amazing!

Dos Caminos
Plusieurs adresses à Manhattan

Cuisine: Mexican
Pros: the food, especially their guac and naked tacos
Cons: defintely not the best mexican restaurant around
VG: vegetarian options
❤ Guacamole

❤ Caccio & Peppe
182 2nd Avenue
Manhattan (East Village)
L (3rd Avenue)

Cuisine: Italian
Pros: the food, the menu, the service
Cons: the place is tiny, you’ll need a reservation
VG: vegetarian options, nothing vegan
 The parmesan creme brulee and the pastas above (cacio & peppe)

Aki Chinese (Aki King)
219 E 23rd
Manhattan (Gramercy)
NR (23rd St)

Cuisine: Chinese
Pros: The food, they deliver super quickly
VG: veggie options avaiable

I’m already working on the second part!

See ya’!

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