Good addresses in New York #1

My little pink unicorn,

The retrospective is back, fresh, relaxed, tanned, facelifted with a brand new concept, for this fall 2016. With the – really good – addresses you need to know about, infos to help you find your way in the wild wild New York, the places I fell in love with and always THE picture which makes me look like a annoying yet soooo trendy food blogger you wanna eat the food!

For the retrospective, great vintage 2016, follow me, c’est par ici:

cuba restaurant cubain food best place new york quoi manger ou Cuba
222 Thompson Street
New York (West Village)
bonnes adresses new york ou manger que faire visiter
Subway 4-6 (Bleecker Street) – Subway A-C-E (West 4) – Subway B-D-F-M (West 4th)

Cuisine: cuban
Pros: the food, the service, the ambiance
Cons: –
Options VG: YES (salads, sandwiches, sides)
❤ the plantain

Sao Mai (delivery)
203 1st Avenue
New York (East Village)
L First Avenue

bonnes adresses new york ou manger que faire visiter

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Pros: the food, quantities
Cons: /
Options VG: Yes

jackson_hole_burger-2Jackson Hole Burgers
232 E 64th Street (Midtown East)
And many more in New York
ne pas manquer grande pomme best place

4-5-6 (Lexington 59st)  – F (Lexington)

Cuisine: American, burgers
Pros: the food, the size of the dishes, the service, the service, the quality/price ratio, the deco…
Cons: –
Options VG: Yes

105 Sullivan Street
New York (SoHo)
bonnes adresses new york ou manger que faire visiter
C-E (Spring Street) – N-R (Prince Street)

Cuisine: Italian / sandwiches | fast lunch
Pros: the amount of possibilites
Cons: the service, no seating (take away)
Options VG: A couple of vegetarian options, 1 vegan

bonnes adresses new york good addresse lobster fine eat bon diner Burger and Lobster
39 West 19th Street
New York (NoMad)
bonnes adresses manger vegetarien vegetalien vegan new york sans viade végé meatless
N- Q -R (23St) – PATH train 23rd

Cuisine : Beef burger or lobster
Pros: Really good burger, great ambiance, beautiful decoration.
Cons: The place is kind of famous so there will be a lot of wait. No option for vegetarian, only 2 things on the menu.
Options VG: Nope.

SoHo Park
62 Prince Street
New York (SoHo)
bonnes adresses manger vegetarien vegetalien vegan new york sans viade végé meatless
6 (Spring St) –N-R (Prince Street) – B D F M (Broadway Lafayette)

Cuisine : Salads, sandwiches, fast lunch.
Pros: The terasse
Cons: the food is good but nothing exceptionnal
Options VG: Yes

bonnes adresses good addresses best places lunch green card comment obtenirAurora
70 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York (Williamsburg)
bonnes adresses new york ou manger que faire visiter
L Bedford Avenue

Cuisine : Italian / american, brunch
Pros: The food, the design of the place
Cons: Ils They were out of french toasts (!) No possible subsitution. A little bit pricey considering the quantities.
Options VG: Yes, but nothing vegan.
❤ The truffle egg benedict, the tiny tiny french fries

❤ La Esquina
114 Kennmare St.
New York (NoLiTa)
ou manger vegetarien vegan new york sans viande meatless usa
6 (Spring Street)

Cuisine : Mexican, tacos
Pros: the food, the terrace, the little parc nearby.
Cons: Too few seating inside.
Options VG: Yes: tacos, salads, …
❤ The cauliflower taco, the fish taco, …

Ramona (Bar)
Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York (Greenpoint)
G (Greenpoint Avenue)

Pros: the design and decoration of the place
Food? No

113 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, New York (Greenpoint)
G Greenpoint Avenue

Cuisine: « Farm to table », mediterranean, french and american accent.
Pros: the food, the eclectic menu.
Cons: –
Options VG: Yes

❤ Queens Kickshaw
New York (Astoria)
E M R (Steinway Street ou 46st)

Cuisine : American, comfort food, local
Pros: The food, the design of the place, the prices.
Cons: –
Options VG: Yes, almost everything
❤ the mac’n’cheese, the salads

calme été oeufs benedicte meilleur brunch best green card❤ Milk and Roses
1110 Manhattan Avenue.
Brooklyn New York (Greenpoint)
G (Greenpoint Av et pas mal de marche)

Cuisine : American, with italien influences (cooked by French people!), brunch
Pros: the food, the beautiful garden, the design
Cons: Often challenging to get a table during week ends
Options VG: Yes.
❤ french toasts

Tu aimes la nouvelle formule? (Oui? Tant mieux, parce que la deuxième partie arrive bientôt!)

Allez, salut!

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