GOOD ADDRESSES in New York #18

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Here is the second part of Summer good addresses (the first one is here – clic -). I won’t say any more, scroll down en enjoy. For more and more good places to eat in New York, follow me, c’est par ici.

Salvation Taco & POD 39
145 E 39th Street.
New York (Murray Hill)
6 (33st) – 4 5 6 7 S (Grand Central Terminal)

Cuisine : Mexican. Restaurant downstairs and rooftop.
Pros: The food, the cocktails, the rooftops made of red bricks and the view.
Cons: –
VG: Yes

rosies mexican restaurant mexicain tex mex tacos terasse new yorkRosie’s
29 East 2nd Street.
New York (East Village)
F (2nd Avenue)

Cuisine : Mexican
Pros: the terrace
Cons: The restaurant is super noisy, the food kind of pricey (The tiny guac bowl you see on the picture costs £$11…), the food is good but nothing exceptionnal.
VG: Yes

rare view rooftop midtown view skyline best place new yorkRare View Rooftop (extérieur)
303 Lexington Avenue, 16e étage.
New York (Murray Hill)
6 (33rd)

Pros: the view
Cons: the service, the musique (“What sucked in the 90’s will most probably suck in 2016. Indeed!)
Food? No

taverna greek restaurant new york bonne adresse best greek Village Taverna
University Place.
New York (Union Square)
4 5 6 N Q R L (Union Square)

Cuisine : Greek, family style
Pros: the food as it tastes at home, the service, the ambiance
Cons: Really, really noisy
VG: Yes, but not much
❤ The pasticcio (gratinated pasta), the keftes (meatballs), the saganaki (flambé cheese)

Avra Estiatorio
141 E 48th.
New York (Upper East Side)
4 6 (Lexington 51st) – E M (Lexington 53rd)

Cuisine : Greek, fish and seafood
Pros: fine greek cuisine, tastes delicious
Cons: The price
VG: Yes, but only a few options, mostly sides ande appetizers

simit turkish food new york snack lunch vegetarien vegan bonne adresseSimit + Smith
124 W 72nd Street + plusieurs adresses à New York.
New York (Upper West side)
A C B 1 2 3 (72nd Street)

Cuisine : From Turkey, mediterranean, fast lunch
Pros: the food, the service
Cons: –
VG: Yes

Spreadhouse Café (Bar lounge)
116 Suffolk Street.
New York (Lower East Side)
J Z M (Essex Street) – F (Delancey)

Pros: the design of the place, the musique, the restrooms! 🙂
Cons: the service, the menu (You better like beer!)
Food: no

Big Daddy’s
239 Park Avenue South.
New York (Gramercy)
4 6 (23rd Street) – 4 5 6 N Q R L Union Square

Cuisine : American, comfort food, dinner, all day breakfast
Pros: The decoration, the milkshakes!
Cons: It’s more about the experience than the food (not bad, but not good either)
VG: Yes
❤ Milkshakes

Taverna Kyclades
33-07 Ditmars Blvd.
New York (Astoria)
N Q Astoria Ditmars

Cuisine : Greek
Pros: the food, the terrace
Cons: –
VG: Yes, but only a few options
❤ the salmon, the best I’ve ever had!

171 1st Avenue
New York (East Village)
L (1ere Avenue)

Cuisine : Asian, ramen
Pros: the food
Cons: the wait (the place is kind of famous.) The long tables on which you eat next to complete strangers.
VG: Yes, good amount of vegetarian and vegan items
❤ The VG ramen, the shiitake bun

Poke Spot
120 4th Avenue
New York (Union square)
4-5-6  N-Q-R  L (Union Square)

Cuisine : Asian, raw fish bowls
Pros: the food, the “build your own”.
Cons: the place is impersonnal
❤ The tuna poke with brown rice and seaweed.

By Chloe
185 Bleeker Street
New York (West Village)
A-C-E  B-D-F-M (West 4th)

Cuisine : Vegan
Pros: the food, the wide choice, the neighborhood.
Cons: the loooog file.
VG: vegan place


 Lady M Cake Boutique
1 W 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
7 (5th Avenue) – BDFM (42nd Bryant Park)

Cuisine : Desserts
Les +: la specialité, le gateau mille crèpes, est à se damner
Les -: le prix
VG: Pas d’option vegan

And we are done already… But I am currently working on the fall version and believe me, there are some good stuffs in it!

See ya’!!

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