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This Summer, besides eating my weight worth in ice cream I also put my liver at work by going out to a bunch of speakeasies in New York. (Such an effort, I know!)

A speakeasy is a hidden bar, from prohibition years, that people only knew about by word of mouth. Now that we have Internet, these kinds of places are way less confidential, but I still had troubles finding some of them.  (Either they were well hidden OR, it may or may not be related to my great sense of direction!)

Let’s start with Please Don’t tell, one of the most famous speakeasy, located in East Village, and hidden in a hot dog joint. Inside, you’ll find a phone booth: enter the tiny tiny booth and dial 1. The hostess will open the door and let you in the bar. That being said, you should book a table, even during the week, as the place fills up like crazy.

Cocktail to try: Mezcal Mule (Mezcal, lime, Passion fruit puree, ginger beer, cucumber)

Please Don’t Tell
113 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009

My fav, and the most difficult to find, The Back Room was already in the picture during prohibition. Maybe this is the reason I loved it so much, maybe because no one else was there that night, but the ambiance is unique, the decoration is incredible and they serve the drinks in coffee mugs.

Cocktail to try: The Bee Knees (Honey vodka, ginger liqueur, orange and lemon juice)

The Back Room
102 Norfolk St
Lower East Side

The Garrett is literally in a Five Guys, in the West Village. (Which per se, is already the best thing ever). The bar features young crowd, a big bar and a super comfy leather couch.

Cocktail to try: Hey girl (mezcal, wild strawberries, eldeberry, prosecco, strawberries)

The Garrett
2nd Floor
296 Bleecker St
West Village

Not hidden at all (well, hello HUGE security guy in front of the door), I went in and out, as the bar was full of people and extremely loud.

Employees Only
510 Hudson St
West Village

Quite unique n Murray Hill, Middle Branch is a 2-story bar completely unnoticeable from the street. The interior is cozy and there is no menu: trust the bartenders, they will mix the perfect drink for you!

Middle Branch
154 E 33rd St
Murray Hill

Nested in a regular apartment building, Dear Irving is surprisingly fancy : crystal curtains to separate the booths and original cocktails, this one is a must see.

Cocktail to try: Lakeview Drive – pisco, aperol, hibiscus, grapefruit, lime

Dear Irving
55 Irving Place

What about you? Ever been in one of these?

{This won’t be the most illustrated post, for obvious reasons. Picture: Crinitix – check him out!}

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