Travel Diary | Niagara Falls, Canada

niagarafalls_46If you are following me on Instagram, you already know that we took a little trip to Canada on Memorial Day. (And if you are great in maths, you just figured out that I need weeks to write about my travelling experiences, like I did it for Poland. But let’s focus on more important things, shall we?)

We rented a car at Newark airport and drove toward new adventures our first air’bnb stop.
By the way, if you come to New York sometime, save your time, your money and your nerves by landing in JFK instead of Newark. The way to go there is terribly stupid complicated and you’ll need either hours toward Manhattan (subway + path + bus) or it will cost you an arm and a leg for the faster possibility (Amtrack = simplest way = $25 one-way for 2)saintcatharines_18After struggling to find that stupid airport, 7 hours in the car, 3 bagels, 4 sandwiches, a huge bag of candies and a few Disney songs, we arrived in Saint-Catharines to spend our first night, before visiting the Niagara Falls the next morning. If you need to find a room there, I will advise you to stay at Connie’s, she’s fantastic and the house is located just five minutes from the Ontario Lake and nice woods. The neighbourhood is quiet and gorgeous, I saw a lady walking with her goat on a leash and we spend our evening at a Greek Fair eating Spanakopita. I loved it!saintcatharines_23The day after, we woke up early and drove 20 minutes to the Falls. We chose to visit the Canadian side, which is less taken by storm since it’s offering less activities. However, the best thing to do is to come as early as you can: we had tickets for the first cruise in the morning, at 8.30 am. Since no one was there yet, we had plenty of time and space to take pictures, on the boat as well as on the promenade. For the parking, I read somewhere that there are a few free spots, but since we were on a rush (you never change a winning team!) we paid $20 (CAN) to park our car on an official spot.

niagarafalls_53niagarafalls_44And since we were in Niagara, I begged the Cher-et-Tendre like a 5 years old politely asked if we could visit the aviary which is located just 10 minutes from the Niagara Falls. I had the chance to pet a few parrots, which made me crazily happy (have I already told you about my passion for parrots?) and I sang like an insane person for the rest of the day!

Therefore, we were out of time and couldn’t visit the city, but if you have the chance, just go, I assume it is fun, since it looks like a little Vegas, with all those lights everywhere.

Next time, I will tell you about Toronto. Bye!F15_2165

Pictures : Nikon d7000 | lens 18-200mm
(except for the birds: Nikon d750, copyright Cher-et-Tendre)

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