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After we visited the Niagara Falls, we went to Toronto just for 2 days. Since I am an organisation freak pro, I did a detailled plan of what to do, and even if we managed to see everything I planned, it was a little bit too short, to enjoy the city quietly. I will advise you to stay at least 3 days.

Nonetheless, we saw and ate a lot of great things. I share here with you the parts of Toronto I visited. Follow me:toronto_96toronto_100CN Tower

toronto_23toronto_30toronto_29toronto_19okKensington Market
(One of the most ancient neighbourhood in Toronto. It’s a colourful and lively place, where a lot of different cultures are meeting, surrounded by the food markets, thrift shops and busy bars and restaurants.)

toronto_56Gooderham building

toronto_58toronto_67toronto_93Toronto Islands
(That huge island, full of vegetation, is quite calm on evenings. People have picnics, barbecues and do various activities. There is a nice little amusement park, looking a little bit like Disneyland, and I will tell you more about it soon!)

toronto_104toronto_106toronto_110toronto_112Distillery District
(The buildings of that ancient 19th century distillery are currently occupied by a lot of fashion brands, as well as jewellery, coffee places and restaurant. A must see!)

toronto_2toronto_41toronto_50toronto_51As well as : the Financial District, with all those huge buildings made of glass, the PATH, that underground city providing some heat during the cold winter days. (Just so you know, you are not allowed to take picture in there). Visiting Casa Loma Castle, doing some shopping along Queen Street West or at Distillery District, or just walking in the city, enjoying the nice architecture.

And all the things we did not have time to do: Enjoying the view and a meal from the top of the CN tower, a foodie-guided tour of the city, discovering the Saint-Laurence Market (check the opening hours before, I did not and it was closed!). Going to the Toronto Zoo, to Greek Town, and try all the around-the-world food specialities, catching a Blue Jays game and just taking time to laze in this beautiful city.

I know it sounds weird, but I did not had the opportunity to eat like the pig I am as much as usual, but I tried a few good places, though:bahnmi_2A Bahn-mi sandwich at Bahn Mi boys. Usually, I am not a big fan of the “white bread sandwich”, except if they use the perfect crusty baguette. Which was not the case unfortunately. It was good, but nothing exceptional. The papaya salad was incredible, though.


Holy Chuck: Since it was my first trip to Canada, I had to try some poutine, those fries topped with gravy sauce and cheese curds. The reviews I heard about it were quite mixed, and it was indeed heavy, but it tasted great and I loved it! The burgers are tasty as well, and, if you dare, you can try their huge speciality: 3 patties, 3 cheeses slices, between 3 cheese sandwiches. You can see the picture on their website, it’s really, really scary!

You should also know about Second Cup coffee. The place looks like Starbucks, same menu, same prices. So nothing that special about it, except that their tables are equipped with wireless charging devices for your phone. And since I know I am not the only one who is afraid of the “low battery sign” when visiting a city, I thought you’ll appreciate that info!

I loved Toronto, the workers there are way friendlier than the ones in New York. We discussed with a lot of people in the stores, even with a policeman! Even the security agent who came to tell me that I couldn’t take pictures in the PATH was nice! (I imagine the crazy one I would have encountered in the same situation in New York!) Most of the things to see are in the city center and since it’s quite small, you can easily visit it walking. We loved it and are planning to go back in Canada as soon as possible!


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