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In the United States, the first Monday in May is a public holiday, which allows everybody to enjoy a long week end. This is also the first official day of Summer, when all the pools are opening – and even though the temperatures had been in the 90’s for weeks.)

Memorial day week end is also the perfect opportunity for a getaway for which you are going to pay double of what you usually would have, cause everyone else has had the same idea. Of course, we could have anticipated but we decided 4 days before, that we might as well run away from the City.

A few hours of browsing the Internet later and because I am always lucky AF, we rented this house, in the middle of a forest in Vermont, next to a small lake. By the way, I couldn’t recommend you enough to use Vacasa, they have great prices and their customer service is really good!

I was about to write a lot of interesting and informative facts about Vermont, but then I realized that you were probably not here for that. So, let me just tell you that Vermont is a really cool state, quiet but with a lot of things to do. Like visit dairies, really cute small towns (where basically everything closes at 6pm), waterfalls, forest, but most importantly – outsides BBQs, yoga with mosquitoes, and getting crazy about tiny tiny chipmunks running around the porch.

We also played Cluedo and mimes, but besides sharing that I am really good at imitating a fish, I am not in a position to say anything else. So here is a few pics.

And so, have you been to Vermont?


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  1. Je ne connais pas du tout les Etats Unis (mis à part l’aéroport de Los Angeles… donc ça ne compte pas ahah). Cet article donne envie de partir en vacances et de se mettre au vert. Ca à l’air tellement typique. Je comprends votre envie subite, quitte à y mettre le prix :-/ ahah.

  2. c’est genial je n’ai jamais visite mais ca m’a l’air sympas meme si les magasins ferment a 18h hein faut se trouver quelques chose a faire surtout avec les enfants j’aime bien la maison elle est vraiment spacieuse et au bord d’un lac c’est le luxe 🙂

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