Things that made me smile, lauugh, think or mad. In New York, on the Internet but really everywhere!

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  • This sign, placed under artists painting a wall in Brooklyn, NY.


  • This family of racoons, in Central Park (first time I see them in real life outside of a zoo!)


  • This post,  from fellow swiss blogger Mélody from Ally Bing. She writes about blogging in general, but also about partnerships and social medias. As always, she stands for what she believes in but she also describes with accuracy a feeling that we bloggers experience more and more often, when it comes to working with companies that don’t always have our best interest in mind. She is also expressing some doubts about Instagram, and I must admit that, even if IG is still my favorite social media, I am having some internal conflicts using it sometines, as it becomes more and more business oriented. Anyway, this is a great post, and even if this particular one is in French, she usually writes in English, too.

photo: Ally Bing (www.allybing.com)


  • My fav ice cream shop (In East Village at least, I can’t really decide which one I love the most among what the City has to offer! #1 #2 #3)

Fresco Gelateria
138 2nd Ave
East Village, New York


  • This sign (that perfectly sums up my life 🙂


  • This pizza, fromWhole Foods.

15 Responses

  1. bonjour, si je comprend bien tes photo,tu vie aux états unis !!
    tes photo sont superbe surtout les ratons laveurs ,le superbe lac et surtout les glaces lol !!
    merci de ton passage et peut être a bientôt!

  2. Oh mais trop chou, quel plaisir de découvrir ces quelques lignes suite à ta lecture de mon article <3
    Je venais voir s'il y avait un dernier post sur ton blog et durant la lecture je retrouve ce petit clin d’œil, c'est trop gentil !
    Je suis contente de voir qu'on partage ces réflexions 🙂 et finalement cela ne m'étonne pas beaucoup car je me retrouve moi aussi très souvent dans tes articles et dans ce que tu partages 🙂 Ça doit être l'effet Geri 😀
    Mention spéciale pour le Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'm awake 😀 😀
    Bisous ma belle et encore merci ♥

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