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  • UnReal,  the best thing I’ve seen on TV so far comes back in… February (yeah, I know!) If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so. It’s about backstage of American favorite dating show (The Bachelor). Sex, alcohol and manipulation, nothing can stop the producers to increase the audience ratings. Constance Zimmer et Shiri Appleby are PERFECT. The trailer is here (and it’s gonna be damn good!)

Link youtube

  • This view

  • You probably know the lorem ipsum, the text generator that allows graphic designers to fill the space without having to crazily type :”dhsfhd;ksnfalkdha;fjdkjsafksddsuf;iadsjf;lsajdf;sa”on the keyboard. And since Internet is so amazing, let me introduce you to Bacon Ipsum. It’s the same, but instead of random words, it gives you meat. And I love it!
  • Bacon Ipsum

  • This concert. Alice Merton is half-German half-British, and starts being pretty big in Europe. I had the chance to hear her live in a tiny venue in Williamsburg, and it was amazing. Below are my 2 favorites (but she’s even better live!)
  • Jealousy
    No roots

  • Oh, and Joan, an Arkansas born indie duo, performed the opening, and it was really good too!
  • Take me out
    Love somebody like you


  • If you’re Greek (like me) or if you just care, Gyros is pronounced “yeeros” (and not jiros), thank you! (It’s from “geerno, which means “spinning”). Don’t thank me for Greek 101, but look at the sign below. It cracked me up and I need to try Ayios, a new Greek restaurant that just opened in Saint Mark Place.


  • Aiyos
    2 Saint Marks Place
    Manhattan (metro 6 – Astor Place)

  • The guy who changed the letters on the movie theater board. This is New York, romantic, a bit old school and so charming. Love the idea of a theater screening only classics, and witnessing someone change the letters while the City that never sleeps…. is actually sleeping, is one of the best things I’ve seen.


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  1. ah oui tres interessant il y a aussi Cash Cab je ne sais pas si tu as deja vu l’emission qui sera de retour very soon j’aimais bien et il y a des annees qu’on a suspendu le show hier j’ai vu aux info qu’il sera bientot de retour je pense meme que ca se passe a NY City

  2. Love these photos, Amy! I agree with you about the letters on the movie billboard…what a unique shot! 🙂 And bacon ipsum? I’m totally laughing at that site right now. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend down in the city, my friend!

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