Expatriation #1 | Let’s go to New York



As I briefly explained here, I spent 6 months in New York in 2013 and it was kind of awesome. We loved it, so when the Cher-et-Tendre’s company proposed an international transfer, we did not take much time to think about it.

So, we got married way faster than planned (less than 3 months between the “proposal” and the “yes”) and then, everything started to move.

  • We got all the 123’947 papers to fill
  • I am going to redo my passport on Tuesday (after a little drama with the lady at the City Hall, who promised me the passport for the day of our wedding. Which was absolutely impossible since I need to be officially married to “order” the new one. But I did not know that at the time) (So I can make all the name changes (electricity, gas, insurances …) and then cancel everything in less than 3 months. So excited about doing it for almost nothing!)

Anyway, things are moving and that’s a great thing. And because it’s going to be quite an adventure, I am going to keep you posted about it! (And if expats from Switzerland or other countries are reading me, don’t hesitate to contact me!)




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