The relationship people have with food in this country always surprises me. Especially in this City, where the median level of cooking is a mix between “will I order broccoli or bok choi on Seamless tonight” and buying diced watermelon in a plastic box.

I already talked about it:

  • the essential – kitchen [1] [2] [3]
  • the essential – food [1]

But it seems to be a never endins story, so here I am agains.
(And this post could have been called “what about a knife??”)

“Brussels sprouts prep tool
(“What about a knife?)

An umpteenth avocado tool
(Don’t really get the difference with this one tbh.)


A jalapeno corer


A peach slicer, which is also supposed to remove the pit at the same time
(And exactly like here, it seems like the kind of thing that would work 1 time out of 10….)


A cauliflower prep tool.
(I am speachless.)


A microwave omelette maker
(where is the puking emoji?)


This posts mystery. I think it was egg related, but don’t quite remember.
(If anyone know, please comment!)



The essential tool to make perfectly round sunnyside up eggs.
(Would anyone eat an egg that doesn’t look like plastic?)


After microwaved omelett, please welcome microwaved scrambled eggs.
(🤢 – oh, here he is!)


A tiny tiny grater
(For tiny tiny cheese?)


And I still have a question: why????

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