Eating well, eating Swiss!

A few weeks ago, after spending some time home eating swiss stuff, I had to start packing to come back. And as I was making life threatening decisions about what to leave behind (because of my huge excess luggage- more than 60lbs total), I started realizing that despite what I always say, I may be homesick!

So here is a (small) (and not exhaustive) list of items I tremendously miss. Edible items. I mean, duh!

Du Kiri. Preferably on macaronis.
(it’s creamcheese for kids)



Gruyère cheese.

– I mean, ideally it would be a large Swiss cheese plate. Some that are tasty and not freakin expensive!


Morand Syrup, lemongrass and pear.
(In Europe, we mix syrup with water to get some kind of soft drink. This brand, Morand, is an incredible Swiss brand. You should definetely check it out!)


Caracs from the supermarket Migros. Or from Spüngli (the famous Swiss Bakery.) (Caracs are small chocolate ganache pies covered with a layer of green sugar icing and topped with a tiny round chocolate piece. They are originally from Canton de Vaud in Switzerland, and even though I understand the green color may not be the most attractive choice when it comes to food, caracs are the best thing on earth. Really. EN)


– You probably notice that I don’t eat meat. However, I LOVE cured meat from Les Grisons.



Dragibus candy
Or some Fraises Tagada (strawberry candies, prohibited in the US because of some kind of food coloring…)



(I know that I just said that caracs were the best things on earth. But Ragusa is probably even better. It’s a chocolate bar with melting praline and whole hazelnuts. And it’s incredible.)


Blue ice tea from the supermaket la Migros.


– Real, good bread.

Movenpick ice cream. Double cream from la Gruyère and meringue. Or any other flavor, they’re actually ALL delicious!


Daisy cookies. From la Migros. Again.


– A good cheese fondue.

– A dessert of meringues and double cream from la Gruyère.


What’s your favorite Swiss item? And what food do you miss the most about your home country?

Les photos sont tirées des sites suivants:

MigrosMovenpickCamille Bloch/RagusaSprüngliMorand

11 Responses

  1. Ha lala quelle délicieuse liste !!
    Moi je vote pour une bonne fondue, un plateau de fromages …… une meringue à la crème double de Gruyère. Pas light tout ça mais quelle tuerie !!
    Allez courage tu vas te régaler avec des bagels et des cheesecakes ! ;o))

    1. Je me fais déjà plaisir avec bagels et cheescake effectivement MIchele, mais il est vrai qu’une bonne meringue de gruyuère ne serait pas de refus! Bon dimanche!

    1. Ben c’est comme ça qu’on dit! 😀 C’est “La Migros” alors ça vient “de la Migros” (tu sais avec les Suisses, faut pas trop chercher ahahhaha!) Bises et bon dimanche!

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