Top ten of a foodaddict in New York


I was lucky enough, last year, to spend six months in New York City. Beyond the city itself, which is absolutely fantastic, I got plenty of time for stuffing my face appreciate all the culinary possibilities I could find ! (It is incredible, the food is everywhere in New York. First week there, I was hungry all the time.) (And also some troubles with the jetlag, but that’s another story!)

So, I’ve made a « top 10 », and I’ll share it with you:

10. Mediterranean and Greek food at Stix

My family is from Greece, so I really loved that place which serves « organic », « sustainable » and « local » food. Of course, nothing reliable with the good “little” Greek family style meals (ever been in a Greek family for dinner? No? Lucky you, you just saved yourself a 9000 calories meal) but it is tasty and it looks good. Perfect for a business meeting or a lunch with friends.

Stix Mediterranean Grill
112 East 23 Street, NY 10010


9. Un frozen yoghurt chez Off the Wall
     (ou 16handles, ou Flavaboom, …!)

You can finds frozen yoghurt everywhere in the City. Made from cow milk or vegetable milk, fruits based or Oreo, Peanut butter, cheesecake, Graham crackers, you will find everything.

Lot of location in New York


8. A perfect Bagel at Ess-a-Bagel

As for the froyos, the bagel is something you can find out of the US, but it is definitely not the same. I’ve heard that bagels are a “new trend” in Paris, so I can easily say that it will come in Switzerland…. In about 5 years! In the meantime, I enjoyed the raisin-cinnamon bagel, with the walnut cream cheese. Service was nice, cashier was reaaally rude. But it’s NY, and those bagels are worth it!

Nail Plaza, 831 3rd Avenue, New York (cross between 51e and 3rd Avenue)

7. Tuna tartar from Trinitiy place

The restaurant is hidden in Financial district’s heart but it is worth finding it, first for the entrance (it’s a huge safe door) and then for the tuna tartar. It was spicy, and perfect. Unfortunately, it was just an appetizer. The place is cosy, waiters are nice. Great place.

Trinitiy Place Bar & Restaurant
115 Broadway, 10006 New York

6. A build-your-own burger from Five Guys

If you’ve never been at Five Guys before, you’re going to be surprises by 3 things: the decoration, the way they throw the French fries into the bag which contains your meal and the look of the burger when you unwrap it from a…. silver foil! Just pass the first impression, those are the best “fast food” burgers I’ve ever had. (They also serve a veggie version. Delicious!)

Many locations in all the US



5. A “veggie bowl, brown rice, no beans” from Chipotle (Yeah, I know, guac is extra!)

our lives. For those who have the bad luck of not having Chipotle in their city, let me explain it to you. It’s like a fast food but with reeeeeally good Mexican items. You can choose your meat or veggies, sauces and “toppings” and then put everything in tacos, burrito or in a bowl. And it’s damn good!

Many loations in New York, the US, Paris and London.

4. A ton of Indian food at Minar. (If your order it delivery and eat it in your bed, it’s even better!)

My advice for you: go there more than once, or if you are really hungry because everything is incredible. Everything.

Minar (the one on 31st street)
5 West 31st Street, 10001 New York

3. Un cupcake “Apple Cobbler” de chez Crumbs

By far my favourite, stuffed with a creamy filling and melting apples and topped with some crumble. The fact that they have thousands of flavours is quite good, because you can find something for everyone. You must also see the HUGE cupcake, which defines the US perfectly!

Many locations in the US.

2. Un “peanut butter cookie” de chez Levain Bakery

Oh God. This is a small bakery in the Upper East Side, and they made the best cookie I’ve ever tasted. If you go to New York, you have to stop there to try it. But be patient, the queue is sometimes as long as half the block!

Levain Bakery
167 West 74th St, 10023 New York (cross 74th and Amsterdam Av.)


And to finish, THE best thing I’ve ever had .The thing I miss most:

1. Un “four fruit cheesecake” de chez Eileen’s Cheesecake

Simply the perfection. Light, creamy, fluffy. Best thing I’ve had. Ever.

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake
17 Cleveland Place, 10012 New York


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