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When I read food blogs (yes, I read sometimes, I am not always only eating pounds of homemade food) (ok, I must admit, I also eat while reading) (no one is perfect!)

So, as I was saying, when I read a food blog it’s to get new ideas (sometimes), to be tempted (always) and to steal some recipes to modify them because I don’t have all they need or because the balance between the ingredients sounds weird to me. (And yes, I am aware that it might be the problem, sometimes! :))

Anyway, I have noticed that you can find two sorts of people posting recipe: the “honest” kind who are not ashamed, sometimes, to explain you how they failed the first 19 attempts and the “first shot, great shot” kind, the one who never failed any recipe. That second category that makes you feel like a little goose when you completely screw up fail a little bit your recipe.

Since it happens to me quite often, and because I am not the type of person who wants to hide this fact (all my friends all remember my famous “tiramisoup”) I felt like showing my latest catastrophe. I tried to reproduce the best cookie ever (oh, yeah), the “chocolate-peanut butter cookie” from Levain, which I told you about here. Let’s be honest, the taste was quite good (but with chocolate and peanut butter in it, that’s pretty obvious) but I think I might say there is a tiny little problem with the shape. As well as the color. What do you think?

Expectation :levain-bakery

Reality :cookies_10I hope I made you laugh (yes, you are allowed to make fun of me) and for the recipe, be a doll and give me some time, I think I will need to a little bit more time to work on it! cookies_6



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  1. Naaan mais je suis du clan, je rate la première fois et les 20 suivantes jusqu’à trouver le bon équilibre et à mon goût aussi =D En tout cas, même s’ils ne ressemblent pas à ce que tu attendais, ils donnent quand même envie de croquer dedans =P

  2. Les miens de cookies étaient non seulement très très moche, mais en plus de ça ils étaient dégueulasse :”) C’était plus des sablés qu’autres choses, vraiment étrange. Je re testerais une prochaine fois! (Je participe au concours au fait 🙂 )

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