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When I was in Wroclaw, and even if it sound a little bit strange, I did something else than eating. For instance, the Cher-et-Tendre and I tried an “escape game” (or “escape room”), one of those that are so famous these days. There are two different rooms in Wroclaw, and we chose it depending on the reviews on Tripadvisor.

First of all, I checked (twice) if it was an actual escape game and not that horrible haunted house where you are locked up in a coffin covered in blood while someone is screaming at you (I am serious, that thing does exist!) Then, I asked what would happen if we will not manage to get out before the end (staying in a tiny room with no windows, worst, an elevator, being hung by the feet, have to wash the floors,…) and finally, we booked the thing.

The rules are simple: you are locked in a room with your friends (thank god, ours had a window!) (Hi, my name is Amy and I am a claustrophobic!) for a defined amount of time and you have to sold an enigma. Without telling you too much, our first resolved enigma made up open a safe, in which we found another mystery. After every puzzle solved, we found a key to the next one, until the last one, which is the key of the room we were locked in. Are you still there or did I lost you?

In the end, we finished Jack Bauer’s style (40 seconds before the end) and it was awesome. The puzzles are not too much axed on mathematics, you just need to be logical, observant and use your brain. I figured out I was 100% into the game when I suddenly got really stressed, jumping everywhere and yelling because I was not able to do a simple division. (Hysteria: 1, Amy : 0).

We will try it again in New York, but we just need to sell one of our kidney to pay it! (Good thing we did it once in Poland, where it is really cheap!)

Let Me Out
Wrocław, ul. Odrzańska 24-29/4
+48 889 136 924

The explanations are either in English or in Polish (but the language itself is just useful for understanding the rules, like for you to know that you are not allowed to break a window or unglue the wallpaper. No language skill is required in the room.

Duration: 45 minutes in the room + 15 at the beginning for the explanations. If you did not manage to release yourself in 45 minutes, the guy will explain you what you miss, so it can take a little bit longer.
Price: 100 zlotys (~ $30) for a group (2 to 4 people)

Reservation: on the internet. You will pay directly there. Two rooms, two different enigmas.


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