Good addresses #3 | Swaad, Zürich

aaaaaLast week I spent some time in Zürich, with the Cher-et-Tendre. We had lunch at Swaad, a little indian restaurant in Kreis 3.

I am warning you, it looks pretty bad from the outside. But it’s a small and clean place smelling reaaaally great. If you can book a table, do it, because it is crowded almost every day for lunch. The service is nice and they are speaking English. (Shame on me, who used to work in Zürich. I should speak German, I know!)

We choose the “all you can eat buffet” for CHF 19.50, which is pretty expensive for a lunch, but not that much for Zürich and believe me, it is going to be awesome.


The buffet is split in two parts “cold” food, with salads, Indian sauces and raita and “hot” food, with veggies, chicken and fish. Let’s start with the serious things, I’ve take a few notes to remember what I ate: naan (bread), matter paneer (cheese cooked in an awesome creamy sauce, with peas), chicken biryani, fish curry, vegetables and curries. (Sorry for the description, if you are Indian, or if you know Indian food really well and if you want cook for me help me improve my knowledge, don’t hesitate to contact me!)

I think you know as a fact that I am a huge glutton food passionate, and I absolutely love Indian food. It was so good that I had 3 huge plates full of food (Did I tell you yet that its better having me on a picture on the wall than for dinner?) and that little place is going to be in my top of Indian restaurant, ex-aequo with Minar, my favourite restaurant in New York. The Cher-et-Tendre, who spent 1 month in India last year told me that the food was “as good as it was in India”. And I am not mentioning their Mango lassi. Worth dying for.

I can’t do nothing but recommand you to go there!

Bon appétit!

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