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Among the things I love the most about living in New York City, besides all the food and the possibility of doing everything online, there are talk shows.

We don’t have such shows in Europe, even though a french channel recently aired something that was supposed to be the exact copy of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Not sure about the current status of this show, but believe me, the episode I watched wasn’t good. At all. I feel like that kind of humor and way to put things is really American. Also, in Europe, you cannot really openly make fun of people (and especially politics) the way Americans do.

Anyways, I had the chance to attend two of my fav shows, one being hosted by Trevor Noah and the other one by John Oliver.

Oliver is my fav. Not sure what I love the most about him: maybe his British accent, maybe is black humor, definitely the fact that working for HBO allows him to swear like troopers in his nice little suit.

Noah, from the “Daily show with Trevor Noah” on Comedy Central (ici), is less dark, but loves showing how paradoxical and stupid people can be. I particularly love one of is journalist, Jordan Klepper, who is the best at having people make fools of themselves.

Both shows talk a lot about politics and news and considering how fucked up the situation is right now, they have a lot to say. (I keep wondering what they were talking about before Trump’s era, since they’ve been talking about the carazy guy 90% of the time for more than a year now!)

Tickets are free (yep my friend!), you just need to be patient and lucky. Same for the D day, as there is always a big chunk of waiting time. But it is definitely worth it!

Below are a few of my fav videos. As for the tickets, it’s all happening on the channels websites. (la MEILLEURE vidéo de tous les temps!)

Alors, déjà essayé? Ça vous tente?

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  1. J’ai pas vu de talk show mais j’ai fait pas mal de plateaux, majoritairement The Voice (2-3 par saison) et les concerts de Jimmy Kimmel. J’adore, ca permet de sortir de la routine, voir les coulisses des emissions qu’on a tant l’habitude de voir, et puis voir des celebrites qu’on aurait pas vu ailleurs !

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