End of Summer tartine
Figs, goat cheese, walnuts and honey

Nothing fancy around here today, but a really good basic – which happens to also be one of my fav recipe. Because it’s quick and easy to make, and absolutely delicious, too!  Figs are in seasons right now, therefore super sweet and tasty, on tartines, oven roasted of just as an healthy snack! The only issue is finding a really good piece of bread, with crunchy crust and soft crumb. (Somehow, american seem to like super soft bread, with no crust watsoever.) (The kind that can easily stay 3 mounts in the kitchen cabinet without harden!) (Don’t you think this is super weird?)

Anyway, Trader Joe’s has a few decent options when it comes to bread and for the rest, the Cher-et-Tendre is handling the bread-making tasks! (And I am also trying my best to have him start making pastas… finger crossed!)|

For4 tartines (a 2 people meal, if served with a side salad)
• 4 slices of bread (toasted or not) •  1 smal goat cheese log •  4 to 6 fresh figs •  honey • fresh thyme • some walnuts •

Possibilities are endless: toasting or not the bread, using goat cheese, feta or ricotta and topping with nectarines, figs, or even strawberries!

What about you? What’s your fav?


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  1. Miam, miam, miam ! C’est aussi ma base en ce moment; mon figuier est très paresseux mais on trouve les dernières figues de Provence sur les marchés. Avec un peu de pélardon écrasé à la fourchette et du miel des Cévennes, on touche au sublime ! En plus, c’est locavore 😉 .

    As-tu déjà tenté une pizza aux figues ? C’est délicieux aussi !

    1. 100% d’ accord, le paradis doit avoir ce goût la, à peu de choses près! Quant à la pizza aux figues, c’est sur ma liste, il faut juste que le Cher-et-Tendre fasse la pizza!…….. 🙂 Bises et bon week end!

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