Good addresses #2 | The Bite, Zürich

I was spending some time in Zurich with the Cher-et-Tendre when I found The Bite, a burger restaurant that had a lot of great reviews. Tuesday evening, around 7 pm, and after a 20 minutes bus ride, we were in the Kreis 4 of Zurich


When you look for it on the Swiss Tourism website, you can read that the Kreis 4 is a “cosmopolitan neighbourhood, inhabited by a lot of foreigners, where a lot of different cultures meet”. I am not gonna lie to you, that neighbourhood sucks. Ugly graffitis on the walls, weird shops, prostitutes at every corner  (which probably are sex shops, btw!). Not my favourite place. 

We finally arrive at the restaurant, but we don’t have any reservation. Although the restaurant is almost empty, we can’t stay to eat. (Just so you know, if you want to eat in Zurich, you better make a reservation. It’s the first thing every waiter in a restaurant is asking you. Maybe it is logical for you if you live in a big city, but in the part of Switzerland I live in, it is definitely not in our habits!)

Wednesday night, back in the field. The restaurant is small and quite dark, but the decoration is original and you can feel they worked a lot on it. Dissimilar chairs, wooden tables, skulls and lot of frames. I love it. The menu is small, unusual choice of burgers, and everything is overpriced. Welcome to Zurich, my friend 😉

 “And the food” you gonna ask? Burgers were great (we had the “standard” one, we are adventurers!) but if you go there, you HAVE TO try the “animal fries” (yes, I gave you an order, but it’s for your own pleasure, my friend!). Think of french fries, that were cooked with lot of cheese, creamy sauce and shallots. You got it. AMAZING. Only the cheesecake we had for dessert wasn’t as great as we expected (but we definitely have a cheesecake issue. Thanks to Eileens cheesecake, in New York, who ruin the whole “discover a new cheesecake” thing for us. We never gonna find something that good!)

Service was friendly, fast and attentive. No vegetarian burger unfortunately! A great address, but you should not go there on a first date (They put a lot of the delicious sauce in the burger. At some point, it is going to run down your finger. Sexy!)


Pictures : dark restaurant, with my phone, without flash. So sorry. 

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