Best of ice cream in New York | part 3

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Guys, I have to confess something… I think Iate from more than 90% of the ice cream shops in Manhattan!

Of course, I still have 4 other boroughs to explore and I bet there will be 5 new addresses that will open by the time I publish that post. But looking at this number, I am not sure if I should be proud or freaked out (!). Yet, I am not planning to stop here. I also would like to answer 2 questions I get asked a lot on social medias: nope, I don’t eat only ice cream, and nope, it didn’t make me fat (yet), probably because I am working out (and don’t eat only ice cream, remember.)

Anyway, after 2 posts listing the good shops in New York –here– and –here-, this third one is, in my opinion, the best way to celebrate this first day of summer!


Coco Choco + tropical passion & Boozy sorbet

Try it for: the small cones, sooo cute!

La NewYorkina
240 Sullivan St
New York (SoHo)
A-C-E (West 4)
How I like it: 34

Mango – coco & Ginger lychee

Try it for: their great flavors (the ginger is to die for) Cash only.

The Original Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard Street
New York (China Town)
B-D (Grand Street) – J-Z Chambers Street

Vegan chocolate – banana peanut butter chocolate

Try it for: the vegan flavors, tasting just like the regular ones. Looooved the peanut butter, banana and chocolate one.

Ample’s Hills Creamery
Food Court Gotham West Market
Et plusieurs autres adresses à New York
600 11th Avenue
New York (Hell’s Kitchen)
A-C-E (42th St Port Authority)

It’s choco lit & Sésame Matcha soft serve with red bean filling

Try it for: the cutest ice cream so far, the amazing sesame flavor. Great for matcha lovers, too!

Taiyaki New York
119 Baxter St
New York (China Town)
4-6 (Canal St) – B-D (Grand St)

Ginger – Red Bean

Try it for: the unique flavors (their red bean is INCREDIBLE).

Sunday and Cone
95 E 10th St
New York (East Village)
4-6 Astor Place

Cookie and Cream

Try it if: you are super hungry or you’ve someone to share it with. It is also obviously very Instagram-worthy and the waffle is delicious. The lack of flavors (they only have 3 or 4 of them was a little bit disappointing.)

309 Houston St
New York (Lower East Side)
J-Z M (Essex St)

Purple Yam – Sésame & Coconut with chocolate sauce

Try it for: the purple yam flavor, delicious and not too sweet. And if you wanna play with gravity! (Soft serve + heat = heading to for a disaster!)

Soft Serve Ice Cream
85 B Allen Street
New York (China Town)
B-D (Grand St) J-Z M (Essex St)

Which one would you like to try first?

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