Best of ice cream in New York | part 4

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I know, I know, for you, American people, Summer is over since Labor Day. However, as a European person, I CAN’T accept this fact, especially when temperatures are still around 80’s. My summer will end when the temperatures will drop down (which will arrive SO much faster than we want.) Anyway, it’s still warm, so I am still looking for the best ice cream in the City.

And here are my latest finds:

To try: the charcoal waffle – not too sweet and delicious and for the big big dose of foodporn that comes with it (I mean… have you seen that thing!) I just wish they had more flavors…

New Territories
190 Orchard Street
New York (Lower East Side)
F-M (2nd Ave station)

I give them: 34

To try : because they are the best ice cream in the City (or close enough) The flavors are always different, and they even had cucumber once!

Fresco Gelateria
138 2nd Avenue
New York (East Village)
L (3rd Ave)


To try… or not actually. Only a few (super common) flavors and the employees are super rude! The ice cream sandwich tasted good, but not incredible!

Tribeca Treats
94 Reade St #1
New York (TriBeCa)
A-C- (Chamber Street)

To try: because these “rolled ice cream” are super trendy these days… And to watch them make it (I could do that over and over!)

Minus Celsius
302 Grand St
New York (Lower East Side)
M -B (Grand St)


To tr: because it’s boozy ice cream (I mean, duh!) On top of that, the staff is great and these bad boys taste incredible. Love love LOVE IT!

Tispy Scoop
217 E 26th St
New York (Kips Bay)
4-6 23rd


To try: to get a chance to look at a gazillion colorful pop sticks aligned perfectly…. (However, Grom is next door, and I rather just go there).

Pop Bar
5 Carmine St
New York (West 4th)
A – C – E & B – D – E – F (West 4th)

To try: to jump back into our childhood, when we were eating snow! This one is flavored, though, and it’s really good!

Bingbox Snow Cream Co.
125 2nd Avenue
New York (East Village)
F -M (2nd Ave)


To try: because these are the best rolled ice cream I found in New York so far. In addition, the staff is nice and the ice cream flavors are SO GOOD!

Pink Bear Ice Cream
226 E 14th St
New York (East Village/ Union Square)
L (3rd Ave)


Are you coming with me next time or what??

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  1. rolala et dire que je viens de me rendre compte que je n’ai teste aucune glace durant mon sejour a New York il faisait hyper chaud en plus periode de canicule 🙂 grrrr en tout cas ca donne envie la glace au rouleaux je ne connaissais pas

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