Travel Diary | One week in Curacao #1

Hello you, and Bon Bini!

Since everyone is talking about the new school year and given that I love not to fit in, I decided to bring the summer back for a little while, and to tell you about my vacation!

As you probably don’t know, I have a pretty huge need of sun, as you can easily say from my terribly pale porcelain complexion. Beginning of August, I suddenly felt the urge to dip my fat into some water go to the sea and since I couldn’t go to Greece this year, I convinced the Cher-et-Tendre to travel to the Caribbean for a few days.

curacao island iles plages beach carribean

August is the worst hurricane period, so we chose Curacao, one of the ABC islands, which are geographically protected. There is no direct flight from New York, so we had to take a flight to Miami first. We also had a little incomprehension with one of the employee at the airport: “Where do you live?”    “In New York.”    “So, you must have a Green card.”    “No we have a visa.”    “So you don’t live in New York.”    “Yes we do! See, here is our visa.”    “But where is your Green card?”    “We don’t have one!”    “If you don’t, it means you don’t live in New York!”

Believe me, she could have gone like that for hours!
curacao island iles plages beach carribeanWe decided to rent a car for 4 days directly at the airport, so we could explore the island, because the bus system is supposed to be quite bad. I advise you to take a GPS, because despite what I read before going, it’s really difficult to find your way! We use the car to bath in a few beaches, spot wild flamingos and visit the capital, Willemstad and its floating market!

We chose the “Curacao Marriott Beach Resort”, good compromise between my wishes not to see anybody (#misanthropy) and the love of the Cher-et-Tendre’s for huge resorts with a lot of amenities. Our “beach front room” was perfect, with a beautiful view, and a nice water sound, perfect to fall asleep. Moreover, the private beach was one of the best hotel beaches we saw!curacao island iles plages beach carribeancuracao island iles plages beach carribean

What we loved:

  • The Playa Lagun Beach, very calm and gorgeous, our best snorkel memory! Also a great place to meet locals!
  • The famous Kenepa beach, for the beautiful point of view and to take THE picture that will make you an Instagram star!
  • The restaurant Seabreeze at Marriott, for its nice chefs,  delicious food and for the great night we spent eating on the beach, our fee in the sand!
  • The Flamingo Point, from where you can spot wild flamingos.
  • Everywhere on the island, we saw a lot a colorful birds (some of which, not shy, were stealing the little packs of sugar directly from the hotel table!)
  • The Willemstadt’s floating Market. The merchants are coming every morning from Venezuela to sell fruits and vegetables!

More info about restaurants, our hotel or the other beaches: visit my Tripadvisor!curacao island iles plages beach carribeanF15_3457curacao island iles plages beach carribeancuracao1_6

I hope you liked it. Next time, I will tell you how I let the Cher-et-Tendre convince me to try the flyboard. And also I almost lost half of my skin because I have been too stupid a little bit thoughtless!

Pictures: The Cher-et-Tendre and myself, Nikon D 750 & D7000, various lenses.

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  1. Je te déteste 😜😜😜
    Surtout en ce moment alors que l’automne commence à pointer le bout de son nez avec son temps tout gris et ses températures bien loin des 30-35 degrés.
    Mais a part ça j espère que vous avez bien profité

  2. Merci pour ta visite du jour sur mon petit blog !
    A mon tour je me régale avec tes photos et justement tes vacances dans les Caraïbes me donnent des idées. Avec mon mari nous n’avons jamais fait notre voyage de noces et pour nos 40 ans (dans quelques petits jours lol) j’aimerai bien me laisser tenter alors je prends bonne note de ton article et peut être je reviendrai te demander des renseignements 😉
    Bonne soirée Amy à bientôt !

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