Travel Diary | One week in Curacao #2
Flyboard and sunburn

Hello you, little caribou!

Last time, I told you about our holidays in Curacao, in the Caribbean. Today, I want to tell you how I let the Cher-et-Tendre convince me to try the fly board.

The man discovered that sport a few years ago and since then, I never stopped telling me about it. Therefore, when I read that we could try it on the island, I did not hesitate and booked the thing for him. It has been a little bit more complicated for me (call me chicken), but after a long time hesitating, I finally agreed to try it. And it was good!

On the beach, we were welcomed by Bear and his friend (whom I forgot the name!). He explained us the basics – turn right, turn left, go faster – and equipped us. The session was about one hour, 15 minutes of briefing in the water and 45 in the deep sea, having fun. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I had thought, everything is about body balance and we controlled it quite well really fast. I even tried a few dolphin dives, and despite of the color of my thighs afterwards (purple, bruise style), I had a great time! Here are a few pictures of my fat in action as well as a little video of me, performing the dolphin dive.

Don’t hesitate to contact them, they are awesome:

Zapata Flyboard
Jan Thiel Beach z.n.
Willemstad (Curaçao)
+599 9 512 3359

Here are a few tricks you may need to know before going:

  • Wear a swimsuit that covers you well, but most importantly, one that will stay in place when you’ll be getting out of the water really fast (that’s by far the best piece of advice someone gave me, I almost did not get bare ass!)
  • You can’t take your Go Pro with you, but you can give it to Bear and he will film for you (just remind him to do so!)
  • Prepare yourself to get a few bruises, especially if you try the dolphin dive.
  • You can only pay cash.
  • It’s one person at the time, so plan enough time if you are doing it in groups.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go. It’s worth it!extreme ocean antilles fly board


And I couldn’t close the summer holiday topic without telling you how, like stupid people, we went snorkeling from noon to 3pm, without wearing a t-shirt and with a really doubtful sunscreen. I got the worse sunburn I’ve ever gotten, from the shoulders to the calves. It was so bad I was wondering if I was going to be covered with blister or if my burnt skin was going to fell off from my flesh! (#sexy) Obviously, the sun is way more aggressive in the Caribbean and someone told me that it’s even worse between March and November, during the high season. Well, good to know.

Anyway, I learnt my lesson, but if it can be useful for one of your upcoming trip, just think about covering your skin while snorkeling (which was absolutely beautiful by the way!)

(If you want to imagine, I was like that, but reverse, and way more red!)ross tanned tanning friends sunburnt

Feel free to make fun of me, that’s why it’s meant for!

See ya’

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  1. I have never been flyboarding, but I was at a Vermont resort this past summer that offered it. We didn’t have time to try it out, but maybe we’ll have to go back next summer. This looks like so much fun! It also looks warm…and since it is already pretty chilly in the mornings here, I’d be all about it! 🙂

    1. Hi David,
      I didn’t know there was a flyboard activity in Vermont… how cool is that! You should try it next time, it’s kind of scary at first but I had a lot of fun! Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Cheyanne! I was really afraid to do it, but it’s an amazing thing to try, you should do it! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love yours! Have a great day,

    1. J’ai bien cru que j’allais me dégonfler, mais finalement j’ai osé, et c’était une chouette expérience! Et niveau Aloe vera, il y avait des plantes à l’hôtel, j’ai donc tenté l’expérience d’en appliquer un peu…. et bien crois-le ou non, mais l’odeur est absolument IMMONDE, j’en ai eu des nausées pendant plusieurs heures (même après m’être rincée!) une horreur 😉


    1. Ah ouais à acheter j’imagine même pas le prix!!! En plus il faut un jetski il me semble? En tout cas la sensation est effectivement spéciale, mais c’était une super expérience!


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