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A few weeks ago, I whined about the Swiss food I am missing since I moved to New York. Indeed, I would love a good plate of meringue with double whipped cream, but I am not dying of starvation.

And moving here not only open my mind, but also offered me the opportunity to discover some great food items. Such as:

  • A big New York bagel, which is my go-to since I don’t have access to good bread anymore. In sandwiches, just toasted or served with cream cheese, nothing tastes like bagels. Apparently, the special taste comes from New York water.
    My favorite: from Ess A Bagel and Black Seeds.

  • And as we were talking about it, the BLT (sandwich bacon – lettuce – tomato and spicy mayo) is one of my fav. Especially served in a bagel.
    My favorite: from Black Seeds Bagel (pricey but sooo good) (- website -)

candy bonbon americain acide sour patch

  • Sour Patch candy. Sour (obviously) and especially bad for my delicate stomach, these are my favorite!
  • Covered in chocolate gummy bears. Only Americans could invent such a thing (and I will be forever thankful about it!)
  • Actually, any dry fruit covered in dark chocolate stole my heart since day 1.
    My fav: cranberries and cherries from Trader Joe’s.

food bagel usa new york expat greencard travailler vivre manger

  • A real New York Cheesecake.
    My fav: the only from Eileen’s (- website -)
  • A huge and decadent chocolate and peanut butter cookie.
    My fav: from Levain Bakery (- website -)

food bagel usa new york expat greencard travailler vivre manger

  • Broccoli pizzas. Someone complained to me once that American don’t eat any other veggie that broccoli. Which is actually pretty true. However, on a pizza with some ricotta and truffle oil, it’s to die for.

fish taco poisson mexicain tex mex

  • Fish Tacos, with some red cabbage, guac and a lot of spicy mayo. This brings me straight to heaven. (Also, I am completely aware tacos are not American at all, but I still love it there.)
    My fav: from La Esquina (- website -)
  • Mac’n’Cheese:
    My fav: the one my friend Brian makes (sorry guys, I am still looking for a restaurants that would serve something as good!)

froyo ice cream glace

  • Frozen yoghurt
    My fav: from Off the Wall and 16Handles.
  • Onions rings
    My fav: from Bare Burger (here) (- website -)

glace ice cream peanut butter beurre cacahuète chocolat cheat meal

  • Peanut butter and chocolate (here, for instance). OR. Peanut butter core ice cream from Ben and Jerry.

chipotle, mexican, bowl tex mex

  • Sofritas bowl or burritos from Chipotle.

What about you, what are your favorite American food items?


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  1. Miam, quelle pure décadence !

    J’ai la fâcheuse habitude de me passionner pour des aliments introuvables dans ma garrigue. Mes trois grandes obsessions du moment restent :

    la clotted cream – pour tartiner joyeusement les scones
    les vermicelles de chocolat hollandaises pour remplacer le nutella des enfants
    le skyr, un yaourt islandais qui t’envoie direct au paradis

    Si je réussis à rapporter régulièrement les deux premiers de voyage, je cherche encore comment convaincre mon mari de retourner acheter du Skyr en Islande. Pas gagné mais j’y crois !

  2. il y a bcp de spécialités que je ne connais pas mal les cheesecake et les fish tacos mon dieu !!!
    ceux de Californie me manquent trop trop
    j n ai pas vu de sofritas bowl dans les Chipotle de Paris

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