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jjAs you already know if you are following me on Instagram, I took a little trip to Poland in February. The Cher-et-Tendre was giving a workshop there and, since my grand grandmother was polish and I never had the opportunity to go, I decided to take my grandma to a little trip.

First, Poland is not so far from Switzerland. You can be there in 2 hours from Zurich with a direct flight, but, since we were traveling from Geneva, we had to make a quick stop in Germany first. The trip to the city centre from Wroclaw’s airport will take 30 min (or 15 if you get the same crazy taxi driver we had!)

We slept at the Sofitel (it was lame!) but really inexpensive (for a 5 stars, with a 3 stars service, but still) and the hotels location is perfect (at least one good thing for this one!) (If you want more details, you can read my review on TripAdvisor or you can ask me for further details. Don’t worry be happy I am not the kind who bites!)yyAnd the trip itself? Pretty good, my friend. The city is really nice, with a colourful architecture and you can visit most of the things walking. (And if you are on the opposite side of the city, after a 3 hours walk, if your feet hurt, you want to pee and it starts raining (!) don’t hesitate to call a cab, it will be really cheap (and your feet will be forever thankful!)

In 5 days, we saw:

Rynek, the heart of the city. Here, you can have drinks, eat, shop for souvenirs, find pharmacies, etcaetera. The place is always packed, day or night but it’s a nice place to walk and all those colourful houses are gorgeous.

All over the city, you’ll meet little dwarfs, playing an instrument or taking a nap. They are quite fun and I bet you will be searching for them soon. All the information about them is here.aaThe Saint-Elisabeth observatory is located at the top of the Church and offers a 360° view over the city. Take a deep breath try to climb the 291 stairs to the top. Then don’t go over excited because you’ll have to come back eventually. Slow down and be careful if you easily suffer from travel sickness, you’ll probably want to throw up your diner!

The Odra River crosses the city and I read that, in summer, you can go on a little cruise. Since we went in winter, we didn’t had the chance to try it, but we walked along and it was really nice.

You can also go shopping in one of the long and commercial streets or visit a big mall. We shopped at Magnolia, a huge complex with a lot of brands. Some that we do not find in Switzerland (Aldo, Dalia, Chantelle, … ) and, of course, the usual (Zara, H&M, Kiko). Ahhhh, Europe. Doing so much for the personal identity of each countries!

We also spent a lot of time walking around, discovering little streets and looking at the architecture. We also tested the “Escape Game”, and I will tell you about it soon!

And as you can imagine, we ate like pigs a lot. So I am working on a special post with all my “to eat”.ll

Do widzenia!

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