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As I explained it to you here, I was in Poland in February (yes, it was about time to talk to you about!) And as you can imagine, I spent 5 days eating like a pig a lot.

Let’s face it, you don’t go to Poland to eat light, neither vegetarian (and I won’t mention vegan!) Food is substantial, served in big plates and, on top of that, really inexpensive.

You also need to know that not everybody speaks English and even if a lot of menus in restaurants are available in English, you will sometimes have to order without knowing what you are going to eat!
“- We have pancakes apple or cabnar”
“- I am sorry, what?”
“- Apple or cabnar”
“- Ok…. Let’s try apple”
Do not ask me what she meant by « cabnar » (or something like this) I have absolutely no idea! So I did not take the risk!!

Anyway, here is the best I ate, with the addresses in the end. Don’t thank me.

By far the best I had in Wroclaw, I ate pierogis for lunch and dinner, and did so for 5 days (before someone explained me that those delicious little dumplings were most probably the reason for my stomach ache!) I tried it stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms, with pork and with a mix potato – cheese. They serve it “au gratin” with a lot of cheese and some caramelized onions. (love)IMG_20150228_194510~2I also ate too much a lot of soups, like borsht (beet soup), zurek (flour soup with eggs and sausage) and most of the time served in a big bread bowl (yum!) or zupa pomidorowa, a tomato soup (with some pasta in it, what were you thinking? Healthy food?)IMG_20150227_1905562-825x1024We also ordered a lot of dodatki (sides), just to get the chance to try different things. And believe me, just one plate of those sides was enough for an entire meal! We had: mushrooms in creamy sauce, a warm cabbage salad in a creamy sauce too, and one in an acid vinaigrette, potatoes in a thousand ways, some fried zucchinis, etc.

We also discovered two perfect places to have breakfast. I am working on a post about it. Local and organic products (meat, cheese, jam, bread and even homemade butter) as well as some granola, pancakes and porridge. Nothing that typical here, but really, really tasty!IMG_20150301_101723~3Living up to his reputation, The Cher-et-Tendre ate like the carnivorous he is, eating dead animal meat every single day, with sauce and French fries.(Did I already tell you how adventurous he is when it comes to food?)

And on the sweet side, we had Sernik (like a polish cheesecake), szarlotka (apple pie with crumble) (served with whipped cream and ice cream, what else?). We also discovered a candy fabric, where you can see the ladies confectioning! As you can see, my pancreas had a lot to do!IMG_20150228_2015252-768x1024I am giving you herebelow the 3 best restaurants I tried in Wroclaw. You can also read my reviews on Tripadvisor.

Pod Fredra : Great polish food, huge portions, lot of choice. Meat, pierogis, soups, lotof side.
Cheap, service average. In the middle of Rynek

Kurna Chata : Went there after someone told me to, and the menu was tempting. After we made our choice, the waitress told us that “some things” on the menu were missing. In the end, almost 1 item of 3 were not available. I was disappointed, but what we had in the end was delicious and the portions were huge. A good address.
Cheap, average service. We waited forever, though (for the menu, for the food, for the check, …)

Pod Gryfami : The food was nice, but the experience was perfect. A really nice waiter offered us a tour of the restaurants basement. We walked in the heart of the place, the guy explaining us the history of the place and telling us a few stories about the city. I advise you to visit the place during the week and to ask to do the same tour.
Mid-range prices, excellent service, fast.wroclaw_21


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  1. Je suis d’origine polonaise et je confirme qu’en Pologne on mange…beaucoup à contrario de ce qu’on peut penser ici en France.
    Là-bas, si tu boudes ce qu’ils te servent c’est que, soit tu es malade et ils vont te prendre en pitié, ou tu dénigres leur nourriture : quoi, ils ont fait pleins d’efforts pour toi et toi tu fais la snob ! (lol).
    C’est vrai que les plats polonais ne sont pas diététiques, c’est culturel, dans un pays où les hivers étaient très froids avant ils fallait que ça tienne au corps.
    La prochaine fois que tu retournes là-bas, je te conseille Krakovie, c’est une ville médiévale, culturelle avec pleins de bars, dont des bars souterrains, des petits restos sympas et toute l’histoire qui va avec.
    Wroclaw c’est le coin de ma maman, krakow celui de mon papa.
    Czesc !

    1. dzień dobry, Christine (et mes capacités en polonais s’arrêtent plus ou moins là!)

      J’ai vraiment été extrêmement surprise par la gastronomie polonaise. Certes, c’est riche, mais tout ce que j’ai goûté était délicieux et j’ai vraiment ressenti la bienveillance que tu décris, les gens s’inquiètent de savoir si tu apprécies ce que tu as dans ton assiette!

      J’y retournerais avec grand plaisir – et je prends note pour Kravovie! C’était vraiment un très joli voyage 🙂

      Merci de ton passage ici et à très bientôt!

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